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Jim’s administration has put a major focus on the city’s infrastructure – the substantial upgrading and maintenance of Nashua’s streets as well as the development of multi-modal transportation choices for Nashuans. As he sees it, a keen interest in and steadfast focus on the city’s infrastructure are essential to the city’s economic development strategies. Jim’s infrastructure projects and accomplishments include:

  • The 10 year, $75M citywide Paving Plan of Action to dramatically improve the overall condition of the 300+ miles of Nashua streets. To date, 277 miles of the city’s roadways have been newly repaved or repaired for improved longevity (145 miles of streets with new paving and 132 miles of streets crack sealed).
  • Strong advocacy in Concord supporting commuter rail service between Nashua and Boston as an important component of Nashua’s economic development agenda.
  • Installation of charging stations at the Elm Street Parking Garage and at the Nashua Public Works offices to facilitate Nashuans’ growing use of electric vehicles. More charging stations are in the planning stage.
  • Improved bike/scooter friendliness with e-scooter shared transportation programs with an ambitious future goal to improve bikeability within the city.
  • Increased walkability with the $1.25M grant to extend the downtown rail trail eastward from Main Street to Temple Street.
  • All-season walkability and accessibility in French Hill with the $1M grant to widen and rebuild Lock Street sidewalks.
  • Extension of the life of the city’s landfill for 40-50 additional years by securing Department of Environmental Services licensing for Phases 3 and 4 of the Four Hills Landfill capital improvement expansion project.
  • Replacement or lining of miles of city sewers and extensive improvements to the Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  • Installation of Pedestrian-Activated Beacons at 3 high traffic downtown crosswalks for improved Main Street pedestrian safety and traffic calming.
  • City-wide assessment of all sidewalks with the goal of vastly improving sidewalk conditions and walkability.

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