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“I love meeting and talking with Nashuans at their homes, in their businesses, on our city streets, and in our cafés. I meet someone new almost every day. In these energizing conversations and
at our lively forums, I listen and I learn so much about our people’s concerns, and this helps me think about what we should try to do to make a better city. I also enjoy informing our people
about the projects and programs we are undertaking in Nashua.”

Jim’s commitment to an open and accessible city government is a hallmark of his approach to municipal leadership. Throughout the year Jim holds public forums to encourage civic engagement and dialogue between the city and our citizens.

These include:

  • Jim’s on-air participation over the past decade in weekly conversations with WSMN radio host George Russell.
  • Annual Town Hall meetings in each of the city’s nine wards, now back on track after a period of COVID-related cancellations.
  • Monthly “Coffee-with-the-Mayor” gatherings at JajaBelle’s Main Street café, now numbering approximately 60 such meetings despite a period of COVID-related cancellations.
  • Occasional “Beer-with-the-Mayor” get-togethers at the various small batch local breweries that have sprung up over the past several years in Nashua.